Ms. Travel Chic: Chicago Adventures: Exploring Walgreens Health Care Clinic

Monday, August 19, 2013

Chicago Adventures: Exploring Walgreens Health Care Clinic

This week I'm excited to highlight my recent experience checking out Walgreens Health Care Clinic.

Who likes being sick when traveling?! Exactly. No one :)

About a week before Memorial Day I caught a nasty stomach bug and after 4 days it seemed I still couldn't shake it. Worried I called my doctors office and the earliest appointment they had available was in two weeks! I had a trip to Los Angeles and Las Vegas scheduled in less than 5 days and I had NO TIME to be sick! So I made a trip to a Chicago area urgent care clinic for a quick diagnosis and prescription to get me back towards 100% before my trip. Success!

It's always important to make sure you have options to handle medical emergencies in the event you can't get in to see your doctor, especially while traveling. So when I discovered that select Walgreens have a Health Care Clinic located within their stores I was intrigued to learn more. 

My neighbors and I headed over to our neighborhood Walgreens on the Southside of Chicago. The healthcare clinic was located in the back of the store and after browsing around for a minute we were happily greeted by a Walgreens team member asking how she could be of assistance. She showed us around the clean and spacious waiting room, two exam rooms and the expanded pharmacy. The clinic offers an array of medical services including annual physicals, immunizations, treatments for injuries and allergies. 

Here are three reasons why I (and you should) will be taking advantage of Walgreens Healthcare Clinic

1. Convenience - No matter what city you will always find a Walgreens on just about every corner! Just within 5 miles of my house there are two Walgreens Health Care Clinics. The flexible hours make it an ideal option for people who work odd hours, travel or have a hard time pulling away from their 9 to 5 gig for an appointment. 

  • Open 7 days a week and on holidays
  • During the week open until 7:30 p.m.
  • Walk ins are welcome
  • Appointments can also be made online
  • Wait times average 20-30 minutes

2. No insurance. No problem - It was great to find out that the Health Care Clinic did take my insurance so my out of pocket costs would be no different than visiting my normal doctor. My neighbor that was with me recently transitioned from full time work to self employment and currently has no insurance. The health care clinic out of pockets costs for individuals with no insurance are affordable and shared with you upfront. 

  • View their price menu online before heading in so there are no surprises
  • Payment due at end of visit
  • Cash, Credit and Debit cards accepted

3. Quality Care - Trusting your medical providers is key and Walgreens works to make sure they provide high quality care on a consistent basis. 

  • Nurse Practitioner and two Physician Assistants on staff daily
  • Follow up communication with patients post visit
  • Will transfer your prescriptions to your regular pharmacy

Walgreens Team Member, Kenethia was so helpful sharing all the benefits of the Health Care Clinic
You can check out more pics from my Walgreens Health Care Clinic visit in my Google+ Album --> Click Here

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