Ms. Travel Chic: "Summer in the City" Series: Maximizing your weekly shopping with Mariano's

Monday, August 12, 2013

"Summer in the City" Series: Maximizing your weekly shopping with Mariano's

This week I am highlighting one of my favorite one stop shopping destinations in Chicago, Marianos Market! Mariano's Market is one of my favorite stores to get all my grocery shopping done.
Normally grocery shopping ends up low on my list of priorities because it can be so consuming and frankly boring! However discovering #MyMarianos earlier this year changed all of that! Mariano's offers a shopping experience that makes the mundane task of grocery shopping an exciting adventure. The first time I went I spent almost 3hrs in there lol :) Since I am often "on the go" and traveling I like to make the most efficient use of my time when home. 

Here are 3 ways shopping at Mariano's helps me to maximize my weekly shopping trips:

1. Savings 

  • Signing up for the FREE reward cards membership has it's perks! For every dollar you spend it goes towards cash back rewards on your future purchases. 
  • Coupons! Coupons! The featured store coupons this week saved me money on water, seafood, condiments and even produce. They even have online printable coupons!

2. Convenience 

  • No need to make multiple stops for your personal and household needs. Mariano's is a one stop shop!
  • I frequently take advantage of the Pharmacy, Hot Grill, Floral and the expansive Wine & Spirits departments.
  • Free Wi Fi and meeting Space make it a great location to get some work done or have a client meeting. You can grab a bite from the hot grill or sushi bar to go or dine in before shopping:)

3. Variety
  • There are a variety of options in every department of Marianos and an assortment of brands carried in the store.
  • The produce department features organic produce and even some hard to find greens like bok choy:) 
  • Oh the wine! I'm pretty sure every kind of wine you can think of is found in their wine department! Who needs the local liquor store when Mariano's has wine from all over the world?! I am able to stock up on all of my favorite wines each trip.

You can check out more pics from my Mariano's shopping adventure in my Google+ Album --> Click Here

Even if you are not in Chicago you can still connect with Mariano's Community site for food inspiration, recipes and shopping tips! and on their Facebook page!

Mariano's message on the walls of the store:)

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