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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Bucket List : Travel Edition

I was browsing around in one of my Travel Facebook groups when I ran across this cool photo. A travel bucket list! I got excited when I realized that I'd visited 9 out of 14 of these locations! **pats self on back**
This got me to thinking about what else was on my personal travel bucket list

When I travel I am all about an “experience”. It’s not enough for me to go to Jamaica and lay on the beach or in my hotel the entire time. I need to get out climb a waterfall, go snorkeling or something! LOL!

While I never wrote them down, there were always a few places and experiences I couldn't wait to “check off the list”:

  •       Wine tasting in the Tuscan Countryside – October 2012                                                         
  •       Tour the White House in Washington D.C. – June 2005
  •       Gondola Ride in Venice– October 2012
  •      “Swim” with the Dolphins – April 2013 (Cabo SanLucas)

....and here are some remaining items on my bucket list: 
  •     Safari ride in South Africa
  •     Honeymoon in a hut on the Fiji Islands
  •     Christ the Redeemer Statue in Rio De Jainero Brazil    
  •     Shopping in Tokyo
  •     Evening stroll in Paris near Eiffel Tower
  •     Mt. Rushmore Memorial, South Dakota
  •     Attend a performance at the Sydney Opera House, Australia


I’m sure as my wanderlust deepens I will be adding more to this list! So what’s on your travel bucket list?

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