Ms. Travel Chic: Spouse Travel: Honeymoon Edition

Monday, May 13, 2013

Spouse Travel: Honeymoon Edition

Guest Post by Veronica Weatherspoon-

March 23, 2013, I was fortunate to marry the most intriguing man I’ve ever met.  The next morning, we set off for our honeymoon to beautiful Puerto Rico!  The sandy beaches, blue skies and crystal clear water were something to be rivaled, and my husband and I vowed to enjoy every moment!  Remembering a few things helped us and may help you, too:

1.   Weigh Luggage

Your bathroom scale is a great resource when traveling, particularly when flying airlines that charge luggage fees.  Clear the dust that has collected off and load it up!  The morning we left for Puerto Rico, my husband and I easily spent twenty minutes reorganizing our luggage: switching items from the checked luggage into the carry-ons, weighing the luggage, discarding items, re-weighing the luggage, so on and so forth.  In the end, each of our checked bags weighed right at 50 pounds, so we didn’t have to pay the additional $100 per overweight bag to the carrier, which will remain nameless *side eye* We did, however, board the plane with more on hand than we anticipated.

2.   Make a List

Making a list and creating an itinerary are entirely different.  Especially if neither you nor your significant other has ever been to the destination, it’s important to make a list of the things you’d most like to do.  This doesn’t mean planning every waking moment.  My husband and I mutually agreed upon several must-dos: resting for an entire day doing absolutely nothing, trying our luck at some nearby casinos, exploring El Yunque, kayaking to the Bioluminescent Bay, visiting the Fort, touring Old San Juan, sipping Bacardi at the distillery, walking along the beach at sunset, and splurging on an overly expensive dinner.  Not having an itinerary allowed us the opportunity to change our minds, adjust to the weather, sleep in longer, or spend more time lying out by the beach. 

3.   Embrace the Culture

What’s the fun in always doing things that are familiar?  Jump at the chance to party with the locals, drink locally brewed ale and taste authentic cuisine.  My husband and I visited some local restaurants and bars, tried things on the menu that we couldn’t quite pronounce and took recommendations from our wait staff.  We even stopped in at a bar for a quick billiards game and a couple of beers!  Why have a burger and a Bud when you can have mofongo and a Medalla?

4.   Isolate Yourselves

During vacation, especially when traveling to a popular destination, find time to be alone with your significant other.  Whether it is over a candlelit meal or an evening walk along the beach, get away from the crowds and the noise to enjoy the company of one another.  We found time to do both.  And although we’d done some pretty exciting things, those were the most priceless.

Credit: 2007 Dana Bowden
Whenever you find time to travel, wherever your adventure leads, cherish the time away from the monotony of your daily activities and enjoy your time.  Don’t spend too much time thinking…about anything!  Relax when you can but plan not to return with an I-wish-we-had-done-[insert activity here] state of mind.  Life is too short for regrets.  I know; what a cliché!  But it’s true.  If there’s something you want to do while on vacation, do it! Who knows when the opportunity will present itself again?  Change into the swimsuit you’ve kept hidden deep in your closet, put on sunscreen, and soak up paradise.  Chances are that wherever you decide to vacation, no one there knows you, and you'll probably never see them again anyway ;-)

 Veronica Weatherspoon works in city government, managing a correspondence office. Even away from the job, she finds comfort in writing. Her greatest passion, however, is celebrating life and love with family and friends.