Ms. Travel Chic: What's in my bag? My Business Travel Essentials

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What's in my bag? My Business Travel Essentials

I’m on the road or in the air quite often for business trips. In my 9 to 5 gig as a Midwest territory sales manager, 60% – 70% of my time is spent in rental cars, airports and Hilton brand hotels. I want to share with you five of my business travel essentials that are a “MUST" when packing for a trip on my checklist: 

Tote Bag
I try to have as few items of luggage as possible when traveling for business. Moving quickly in and out of vehicles, planes and offices leaves plenty of opportunities to leave items behind.
At one point I carried a laptop bag, purse, iPad case and rollerbag. It was just too much. I now just grab one of my larger tote bags that will fit everything in it. My favorite is this Michael Kors tote. Amazingly I am able to fit my leather padfolio, presentations, ipad, laptop and other miscellaneous purse items in here. It’s chic, stylish and the perfect all in one bag.

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