Ms. Travel Chic: 57th Presidential Inauguration Recap: Why I love DC!

Friday, January 25, 2013

57th Presidential Inauguration Recap: Why I love DC!

Official White House Photo. Jan 20, 2013 Swearing In.
This past weekend I was in our nation’s capitol for the 57th Presidential Inauguration of Barack H. Obama.  I attended his first historic inauguration in 2009 and didn’t want to miss his last one! I must say that as an African American I was even more excited and emotional as this particular day had significant meaning.  
Jan 21st marked 1) The 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr’s “I have a Dream Speech” 2) The U.S. holiday and celebration of MLK day . 3) The re-election of the first African American President. (You did it twice America!) I couldn’t help but get emotional that day standing in the midst of history! AMAZING!

As I flew back to Chicago and reflected on the past 5 days I thought about all the reasons I LOVE Washington D.C.

The Metro- I love a city with a great subway system! Being from Texas I was used to driving everywhere.  Once I moved to Chicago, I fell in love with the idea of not needing a car to get around! We loaded up our metro card at the airport and took a 15 min ride directly to our hotel, it was only about a $4 ride! Everywhere you went there was a metro stop within a couple blocks.  With so many road closures and heavy traffic during this weekend being able to hop on a train was very convenient.

History – Washington D.C. is like one big museum! There is so much history there and I live for it! Standing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial reflecting on his impactful presidency and viewing the new MLK, JR Memorial was overwhelming for me.  When you walk the halls of the capitol building and think about all the great leaders who’ve made landmark decisions that shape this great county it’s hard not to be in awe! Visiting the Smithsonian that has captured all the great American moments is always so exciting; I mean this is the home of Dorthy’s Ruby Red Slippers!!! :-)

Washington Elite - This is the city of movers and shakers! It’s the perfect city to network and get well connected with people who can make things happen. Politicians and Power brokers are the equivalent of Hollywood celebrities. With Obama being in office and appealing to so many celebrities, Inauguration weekend felt more like the Oscars and Grammys. We ran into A List celebs everywhere we went. I walked right by Chris Tucker at the Inaugural Ball:-) and went through airport security with Rep. Barney Frank! Surrounded by all the Washington Elite had me feeling like I was in an episode of “Scandal”!

I’ve decided when I grow up I want to be a D.C. Socialite. That is all.  
Nightlife – D.C. folks love to party and I am ALWAYS down for a good party! We arrived on Friday afternoon and the parties had already been going since 3 that afternoon. Clearly 9 – 5 work hours don’t apply in D.C…which is totally fine with me! There is a little something for everyone in their nightlife scene: bars, live music sets, night clubs and lounges. 
Be ready to kick it until the wee hours of the morning when you visit D.C

Did you attend the Inauguration? How was your experience? Would love to hear!

Sharing a few photos from my Inauguration Weekend Experience
Program, swearing in, parade and inaugural ball tickets. I'm official:-)

The MLK, Jr. Memorial is amazing!
With CNN and TV One Reporter, Roland S. Martin 
Headed in for Inauguration Day! Grateful for a good viewing spot this time!
POTUS and FLOTUS first dance at The Inaugural Ball